Happy 2012 & My Workshop

mozzarella di bufala

Dear Lovely Readers, Thank you for your readership over the past few years and for all the support.

I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year- I hope that you had a fun and relaxing holiday.

Many of you have kindly written, asking if I have stopped blogging- oh dear, that is most definitely not the case. I am still going to blog- to cook, to write, to photograph- do all things which I adore; I hope to resume blogging again in a few weeks.

x shayma


For my Canadian readers- I will be teaching a ‘cocktail party workshop’ at Evergreen Brickworks on February 9th, entitled: FOOD IS LOVE– based on my childhood memories. I’ll be teaching you how to create small Persian- and Pakistani-spiced plates, (a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian) influenced by the recipes I have inherited from the women in my family, while giving them a modern twist. Preparing Persian or Pakistani dishes can seem time-consuming and challenging, but they are not. Come and join us to prepare small plates using ingredients from our farmer’s market. I will also be preparing a fancy-coloured cocktail to pair with the treats.

On the cocktail menu, there will be the following, for example:

Pomegranate & Rosewater Essence Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Saffron Chicken and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Brochette with a Cucumber Yoghurt Dip

Farmer’s Cheese, Dried Cranberry, Walnut and Tarragon Tartine

This is the link to sign up for my workshop.

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  1. Have missed your beautiful, lyrical descriptions of food and memories! Looking forward to new posts and new recipes 🙂 A very happy new year to you and your loved ones…

  2. it’s good to see you back dear Shayma! I have missed your blog deeply! happy new year to you too! I wish I could attend your workshop, please send us picts!
    much love

  3. happy new year Shayma! excited for your upcoming workshop at EBW!
    all the best to you and your family.


  4. Glad to hear the blogging will continue – i would rather have quality than quantity any day! Sad to see that the Atlantic ocean stands between me and the cocktail party workshop, I would love to have come along… Happy new year to you and I hope it is as full of excitement and adventure as the last one seems to have been for you 🙂

  5. How I wish I could attend your workshop. The menu looks delectable. I’m dying to try your Pomegranate & Rosewater Essence Sparkling Wine Cocktail. (I made a number of pomegranate cocktails over the holidays–a touch of perfumed rosewater would be divine.)

    Hope you’ll post recipes! xo

  6. Thank you to all of you lovelies for the kind words. I hope one day we can all meet and share that glass of prosecco and do a cin cin. x shayma

  7. Only you of all people can make a workshop like this sound like a fun and glamorous time! Wishing you much success with it and who knows, maybe someday you can hold it in Lebanon! (more on this later!)
    Happy New Year, dear Shayma!

  8. The workshop looks yummy – wish I could sign up but, alas, I am busy that day.

    Na Zdrowie (the Polish equivalent of cin cin)

  9. Happy New Year. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the appetite sharper…please, please keep blogging despite your job engagements. We wish to follow your stories and recipes.

    Best for 2012

  10. I wish I had discovered your blog just a couple of days earlier so I could attend! I adore your recipes, and perhaps there will be other opportunities in the future?

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