My Workshop – How to Make Aushak, Afghan Dumplings

Shayma Saadat workshop


Crisis. That’s the face of a punctilious cook who can’t use a certain oil over another one for shallow-frying. When you’re teaching participants to make blinis in your first ever workshop, you unnecessarily stress over such trivial matters. To make matters trickier, you feel nauseous and soporific because you are expecting Tiny Spoon, unbeknownst to everyone at the workshop.

I was invited to host my first workshop last year in February, which turned out to be a lovely experience – we finally settled on olive oil (as the picture depicts) – and all the participants went home happy after having a few sips of Pomegranate & Rosewater Essence Sparkling Wine Cocktails.

I am in the kitchen again, (this time, stress-free) – teaching another workshop. I will be over at The Depanneur showing you how to make aushak – dumplings which hail from the Afghan kitchen.

The cost is $40+HST – more information on the workshop and how to sign up for it is available here.

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  1. shayma can you please share the recipe or a video tuitorial on Aushak ? also can you please do a recipe for mantu as well ? i grew up eating afghani dumplings in jeddah (i’m from karachi though) and miss them terribly in london ! could not find these in dubai too. many thanks

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