Spice Spoon on CBC Radio!

Dear Lovelies – I was on CBC Radio on May 29th for two interview sessions – you can listen to the interview segments here:

Metro Morning with Matt Galloway at 7.10AM EST
Shayma, your husband is also from Pakistan. What has been the discussion in your household around this (stoning of Farzana)?
Listen to the full interview here, or  via this link under “Woman Stoned to Death”.

Ontario Morning with Wei Chen at 7.50AM EST
Shayma, do people ask you, “Were you forced to marry your husband? Was this an arranged marriage?”?
Listen to the full interview by clicking here.


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  1. s, thank you so much for being a voice of reason. i have been so shocked and outraged and yet unable to speak. i think part of me feels incredibly disillusioned. i keep thinking that it is not possible for us to fall to newer lows and each time i am proved wrong. you are right when you say that love and pride are two different things. zain and omair have much in common. i must admit that i have stopped reading the news (pakistani or international) just because i need a little space. i know that is selfish, but for now it is the only way i can get some sleep. x

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