My Express Tribune Magazine Cover – ‘Shayma Saadat, Mistress of Spices’

Shayma Saadat Cover Story

My interview appeared in The Express Tribune Magazine, (which works in partnership with the International Herald Tribune), this Sunday. Many thanks to the editorial team at the Express Tribune.

Here is the link to the magazine pages – Shayma Saadat Mistress of Spices. It is also available online here.

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  1. So I get the print version of this every Sunday, and picked up my copy last week and squealed “that’s Shayma, I know her!” I love that cooking/blogging/tweeting etc makes us feel like one giant foodie family. Congratulations!

  2. @Manju @Helen Thank you so much.
    @Yasmin Thank you – Tiny Spoon is a real joy for us.
    @Habiba We are, indeed. We feel like we “know” one another 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.

  3. I love your writing and the recipes too! Is there a link for your TEDx talk?

  4. @Farah Thank you so much. The TEDx talk is not up on their site yet – when it is, I will post it here. Thank you for being keen on it.

  5. Thats a beautiful article ! Youve been upto so much , mashallah !! Every bit of it well deserved. Beautiful lady with beautiful talents !

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