Eid Mubarak – 2013

Shir Khurma Eid

Wishing all of you lovelies a very Happy Eid. We are going to be tucking into bowls of this Afghan-style vermicelli pudding, called shir khurma.

With tea, we’ll be tucking into some ‘elephant ears‘ with rose petals and pistachio dust. I think I may just allow my son one bite of these sweet pastry puffs, which we call gosh-e-feel in Dari / Farsi.

Gosh-e-feel Eid

May you have a beautiful Eid with your loved ones.

I would love to know, how are you celebrating? What are you eating?

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  1. Happy Eid! I just happened upon your weblog looking for an Eid card. How lucky of me!

    Those desserts look lovely.. I remember my mother making gosh-fil when I was a kid. Alas I cannot indulge anymore due to food allergies.

    1. @Janey Thank you so much – wishing you a Happy Eid, too. I hope you have been able to replace your mother’s desserts with something which doesn’t aggravate your food allergies.

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