The Spice Spoon Featured in EGO Magazine

Shayma Saadat

I was interviewed by EGO Magazine. You can read the article here.

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  1. You are a beautiful person in and out my friend! Loved reading through the whole interview and got to know so much about why you are, who you are!
    Congratulations on the interview!

  2. I am SO proud of you, and elated to see you featured. YAY!
    Every jar of lemon curd has your name on it…. just a matter of time. Until then, am off to dream of being born an emperor! Those morsels are calling my name.

  3. hey Congratulations ! This is my first time here and am hooked…a lovely blog…ang you are very pretty

    And I am from India…I simply love bread puddings….this is pure bliss…we dont get half and half here…what can be its substitute ?

  4. Thank you for the praise, everyone.

    @Rupa Half-and-half in North America is basically half milk and half whole cream. I don’t know what sort of cream you have in India, but if it is similar to what we have here, you can mix that with whole milk as a substitute. Hope this helps. x s

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