My Guest Post for ‘Indian Simmer’- Chicken Kebab Sliders in the Pakistani Manner

chicken sliders

This week I had the honour of guest blogging for someone who has become a close friend of mine through the blogging world- Prerna of Indian Simmer. Prerna is a phenomenal cook and food writer from India who takes beautiful and poetic photos of food; some of the best in the food photography – let alone food blogging – world. You can see these photos for yourself in her post on nankhatai; eggless spiced biscuits or the one on jalebis; sweet, crackly fritters which are washed down with a cup of hot, milky tea.

Prerna is currently working on her first cookery book, the arrival of which we are all eagerly anticipating.

My post on Chicken Kebab Sliders in the Pakistani Manner is here on her lovely blog.

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  1. Heading right to Indian Simmer to read your guest post! You are such an inspiration doing so much all at once! And thank-you for introducing me to yet another beautiful blog and talented lady like yourself!

    Im sure ill spend long hours devouring every pictures and post on Prernas awsome blog!

  2. I love Prerna and had a chance to meet her at BlogHer Food in Atlanta last year. Her photography is indeed inspirational and her recipes written from the heart.
    what a great combination you two make:)

  3. I never follow food blogs. So why do I follow yours? Is it the pictures, the beautiful writing, or the amazing dishes? I think it’s all of the above.

    You’ve got a great voice that resonates throughout your blog. You make cooking feel…special. What a gift! Thank you for sharing your dishes and stories!

  4. S, saw these on your Pinterest and immediately repinned to my ‘recipes to try’ board. The picture is beautiful and they sound absolutely delicious – skipping over to your guest post now.

  5. Read your post on Indian Simmer Shayma, and as usual the pictures, the food, the writing – they all reflect your personality and ur food philosophy 🙂 Love visiting your blog!

  6. Just stumbled onto your blog. I love the way you write and the recipes you post…haven’t yet read all of them but am going to do so now!

  7. How-come you’re not updating frequently :S btw loving these chicken burgers. I simply adore the combination of chicken patty with harri chatni, well done.

    Keep posting.

  8. First time here- love this space !!very creative !! am going to be a regular here

    thanx again

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