Spice Spoon would not be possible without the collaborative work and creative talent of some very lovely people.

I wanted to dedicate a separate page to thank them individually. Everyone is listed below, in no particular order.

My husband Zain inspires me to do what I love. All of this wouldn’t be possible without him.

And I cannot forget to mention my friend M. Mumtaz, who encouraged me to create this new website.


Web Design and Visual Identity by the fabulous Nina Randone

Web Development by the adept Snoack Studios

Logo Design by the fanciful Shu-han Lee

Spice Spoon Short Film by Canova Media’s genius, S. Brent Martin and the phenomenal Nadia Tan

Sound mix by the gifted Toronto Sound team’s Aaron Gaistman and Cory Revesz

Portrait photography (Home and About pages) by the stylish Erik Putz

TEDx photo (Home and Portfolio pages) by the gracious Laura Nicholson